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3 Easy Ways to Develop Meaningful Connections with Customers


When I was in elementary school, I was left out of the “cool kids” circle and I wanted nothing else but to be accepted by them.

I tried various techniques like chasing away the boys who ultimately wanted to flirt with them, being super nice to the leader of the pack, and eventually just started being nasty to them in hopes they’d fear me enough to include me.

As you can imagine, none of my strategies worked.

Fast forward about 20 years, and I find that those same principles apply in my career.

As a freelance writer in Austin, Texas I’ve experimented with marketing techniques to help my customers feel included.

Some have worked—while others have flat out failed.

I’ve come to realize that the only real way to hook customers, and to get in the circle where the “cool marketers” hang out, is to create meaningful connections.

Even though I’m a copywriter, you can use these same techniques in marketing your business or product.


Speak to them like a friend.


Who of us hasn’t been bombarded by ‘fake’ salespeople and immediately moved in the opposite direction?

Instead of coming at your customers with facts, figures, and reasons why they should buy your product or service, make them your friend.

Use stories and personal experience to explain why choosing you is more beneficial—even if it isn’t the lowest price.

People appreciate realism, and are more apt to buy from you when they feel a connection.


Figure out what they really want.

I already mentioned how all people want to be included, but how each of us goes about achieving that goal differs.

For example, one guy might become a comedian and get people to like him because he makes them laugh.

Another woman might go overboard with kindness in hopes of winning favor.

It’s your job as a marketer or business owner to determine what it is that makes your customers tick.

What is it they really want out of life? Is it success? A better financial standing? To look and feel younger?

Once you decipher what it is they want, you can create a deep connection that sucks them in from the start.


Give them something they want to identify with.

When I was a kid, my mother did this awful thing where she made frosted oatmeal cookies our dessert.

Don’t ask me why she did it, all I can say is I certainly didn’t want the damn things.

Similarly, don’t shove unwanted products or services down your customers’ throat. Give them something they want to identify with, something that resonates with who they are.

You are no doubt proud of your products or service, but that doesn’t mean your customers automatically will be.

Make what you are offering so tantalizing they can’t help but buy it. They’ll start to identify with your brand out of habit, and might even spread the word for you.

Show your customers that you hear them, recognize what they want, and be willing to give it to them. If you do, you’ll end up with satisfied customers for life.

About Alanna Sharp

My name is Alanna Sharp, and I would love to take your content to the next level! I’ve been typing my heart out for the past three years as a freelance writer and have used my creativity to enhance hundreds of websites, blogs, and storefronts.

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