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How to Write an Amazing About Us Page

What page did you click on when you came to my site?

If you could respond, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d say that you visited my “About” page after landing on my site.

Your audience does the same thing on your website.

Right after your home page, your about us page is the most visited page on your website. To make the most of your traffic, you have to write a page that cuts to the core.

Here’s a few simple tips to help you write a killer page for your business.

Focus on Your Audience

The number one reason that people come to your about page is to figure out how you can benefit their business or improve their life.

Sorry, no one wants to read your list of degrees, how you were teacher’s pet all through college and graduated with honors. They want to know if what you do, sell, or offer is beneficial to them.

The one exception to this rule is if your achievements directly relate to your business. If you’re a former Navy Seal who sells survival gear, for example, then tell people about your experience. But if you’re selling art work, that experience doesn’t apply.

Find the Right “Voice”

Do you sell baby gear? Then the last thing I want to read is a formal “About Us” page. I want to know that you started this business because you couldn’t find a soft enough swaddle blanket for your newborn baby girl. That you wanted something healthy and safe to rock her to sleep every night, so you started your business.

Conversely, if you are the founder of a real estate firm, you should write your page in the tone your audience expects. Professional third-person would be the correct ‘tone’.

Ask yourself what you want your audience to ‘feel’ when they read your about us page. Then use that as your inspiration.

Tell Your Story

I don’t need your life story. I need the story of your business.

Tell me how you got here, what inspired you to open your business, or how your team came up with the idea for your product.

A few ways to organize your story include:

  • Start with your idea—write down how you came up with it.
  • Mark the start date—tell me how excited you were when you opened shop.
  • Identify key turning points for your business or life.

Use Images or Video

Visual storytelling is all the rage right now. Use it to your advantage.

Showcase pictures of your team, or better yet, add pictures describing each step along your journey. If you work alone and offer a service, share pictures of yourself in a professional setting.

Another way you can WOW people with your page is with a video. Put up a short introduction into your business or show your product in action. Watch your analytics and bounce rates to determine if these adjustments to your page are hitting the target.

Make it Scannable

Images and video help break up your content, but you definitely want to steer clear of blocks of text. Short sentences and even shorter paragraphs work splendidly.

Bullet points listing your benefits are also a good idea. Check out how I use them on my own about page.

You can easily see what I do and how I can help you thanks to the nifty bullet points I’ve added.

What to Keep In Mind

Above all, your about us page should be compelling and tell people who you are and what you do. It doesn’t have to be an essay, but it should be thorough.

If you need help writing your about us page, contact me. I have a thing for writing about us pages, and I can make your brand outshine the competition.

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