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Why Small Business Owners Should Hire Freelance Writers

freelance writer, writer, contentIf you own an online website or small business, finding the right team to bring your brand to life can be frightening. Developing a marketing strategy that speaks to your audience and investing your limited budget in said marketing strategy, ups the ante even more.

When it comes to sourcing a copywriter, it quite literally pays to choose the right freelance writer for the job. While some business owners choose to outsource their work through a designer or social media manager, the reality is these experts rarely understand—or take the time to understand—the fundamentals of constructing powerful copy. So what’s the solution? Who should you use to get the job done right?


What a Freelance Writer Can Do For You

Freelance writers and SEO copywriters are naturally suited for working with small business owners. Their talents go beyond putting words on a webpage. These include:

  • Brand Research
  • Audience Analysis
  • SEO Work
  • Communication
  • Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary

When you hire a freelance writer or copywriter, you aren’t just hiring someone to replace the Lorem Ipsum on your spankin’ new website. You are hiring a professional wordsmith who will captivate your audience and walk you through the process every step of the way. That is worth more than anything a “web designer” could ever offer.

Copywriter’s Are More Affordable

On average, individual writers are far more affordable than companies are. With virtually ZERO overhead costs, copywriters are able to offer their services for far less than marketing agencies that ‘throw-in’ copywriting just to charge you more. Small business owners are always looking for a way to cut costs, and seeking out a qualified writer who can capture your “voice” and deliver exceptional content is well worth the search.

Your Time is Too Precious

Quality writing takes time to create, proofread, and rewrite. Time that you simply do not have. A professional copywriter will devote hours of their time to make sure your website tells your story loud and clear, leaving you to manage your business without the added stress of copy writing.

Let Me Be Your Copywriter!

If you want killer content for your website, then I’m your woman! I am an experienced copywriter who is passionate about helping small business owners get their businesses off the ground. Want to know more about what I offer? Then contact me for a hassle-free email consultation, and let’s make you some cash!

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