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9 Convincing Reasons Small Businesses Should Blog

Blogging Imagine you happened across a beautifully designed website.

Let’s say you’re there to buy pillowcases and sheets for your brand new king size bed. You’re not 100% sure on what thread count or material to buy, but you have a general idea.

As you scan the website, you’re disappointed to find that the information you’re looking for doesn’t exist. You need help deciding between fabrics, but the site is void of professional advice to help you make a decision.

What do you do? If you’re like most people, you move on to a website that offers the information you need.


That business could have sold you hundreds of dollar’s worth of products simply by having a blog with valuable information.

As a small business owner, this could be you if you don’t have a blog. Experts say that having a blog, that’s consistently updated, can increase your sales by 126%! Companies who blog also have 96% more websites linking to them.

Still not convinced? Then check out the following 9 reasons you should have a blog for your business website.

  1. To Develop Your Brand

A blog lets you share your voice, opinion, and personality with the world. As a small business, this is often what separates you from the competition. No other tool allows you to be so candid while engaging with your customers.

  1. To Sell More Products

Over 60% of consumers decide to purchase a product after reading a blog about it. That’s insane! You don’t want to pass up an opportunity to make a sale, and blogging creates a connection that’s undeniable.

  1. Free Advertising

Blogging is the single best way to advertise your services or products. You can use it to show before and after photos, product demonstrations, tips and tricks to help consumers use your product, and so much more.

  1. To Establish Authority

The top blogs on the web answer questions consumers have about their products. Helpful content goes miles towards establishing yourself as a credible source for information. Even if you blog about related services, you still create value for your visitors and establish yourself as an expert.

  1. Blogs Produce Long-term Results

Long after the fanfare about your post dies down, it continues to drive traffic to your website and your business. It isn’t a one and done investment. Rather, the blog lives on as it is shared, re-tweeted and linked back to. Dedicating a few hours a week to quality blog posts can make all the difference in your website’s traffic, and isn’t that the reason you put one up in the first place?

  1. Because Your Competitors Have One

Rest assured, consumers will always go to and buy from a website that has valuable and up-to-date information over a well-designed but informationally void web address. Don’t be the latter. Start blogging!

  1. To Learn About Your Audience

Analytics for blogs are the best way to learn about your audience. When you blog, you receive priceless real-time data about who’s interested in your business and how to better target them.

  1. To Connect with Consumers

Blogging creates a two-way conversation with your visitors. Adding a comment section allows them to ask questions or provide feedback for how to improve your business.

  1. To Increase SEO

Even if you’re not familiar with what SEO is, let’s just say it’s the only way people find your business online. It can make or break your online leads and sales. Blogging and using targeted keywords points people in your direction.

As a freelance writer in Austin, Texas I see my fair share of business websites without blogs. It’s my goal to change that. No matter if you live in Austin or in Dublin, I can help you consistently drive traffic to your blog by developing content people love.

Contact me if you need help getting your blog up and running, or if you have any questions about the topic. I’d love to connect with you!

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